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Bookkeeping Services Needed



This is an (RFP) Request For Proposal.  We encourage you to bid even if you cannot perform every part of the duties that our last subcontractor has performed, just make a note of what you cannot perform.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am, Diane-Louise:Alessi, CVPCSD BOD, Pres; and the current Chair of the Board of Director's for Christian Valley Park Community Services District: We are a very small District and we Directors are expected to do a lot of volunteerism, this is just one of those areas of volunteer work that I am overseeing.

The District's prior Bookkeeping service provider, who served for 20 years has just tendered their resignation.

The full severance shall become effective once the District's annual audit has concluded. This would be the conditions and the time frame for this contract's transfer.


CVPCSD is a UN-incorporated, Community Services District Enterprise primarily providing potable water and infrastructure for 631 billable customers, and responsible for maintaining District roads with property tax revenues. CVPCSD is a LAFCO subdivision of the State of California.


Also, It is my understanding that we do have an entity arm that is a Corporation entity "Christian Valley Park Financial Corporation", it was formed by requirement for the financial handling of a Proposition. 218 Taxing Revenue Bond for a Capitol Improvement Project in 2010, primarily that entity has had no further activity beyond servicing that bond.


The general outline of what we require below:

As we are a local governmental municipal agency we are required to open this contract up for Bids. IF you feel that this solicitation fits within the purview of your service parameters, and you are interested in this type of contract, then we would greatly appreciate the submission of your Bid.

Current Bookkeeping/CPA services we have been receiving are as follows.


Bookkeeper Payroll Tax preparer / CPA:


Quarterly Financials - examples are attached (MAKE sure you Post these docs to refer to)

  • Question: Will you provide other financial reports as necessary - example: comparing expenses from one year to the next, etc.
  • Process monthly direct deposit payroll 
  • Prepare and submit tax deposits
  • Direct Deposit of Paychecks  
  • Report employee wages, and Board of Director's compensation Fees to the State Controller's office annually. 
  • Maintain the Depreciation Schedule, 
  • Reconcile 3 bank statementsplus 1 LAIF account, [one is a VISA account which makes several deposits during the month] 
  • Track the monthly reports from Placer County - and District funds which are received for the Direct Charges that pertain to a TAX revenue Bond, referenced as the "Gayle Loop", and
  • Reconcile the District's checking accounts - the primary account receivables up to approximately,
  • Track Merchants and Stores, accounts payable: NOTE: our vendors generally maintain and organize their records for the year, until the District conducts its annual audit. 
  • Bookkeeping Service provider must have the capability of "Representing the District" in its annual audits. In so far as providing the records and all the needed backup work and to be able to hosts the auditor firm for the audit in their office (normally this audit historically takes between 2 - 3 days) 
  • Bookkeeping Service provider shall make any adjusting entries per the auditor's requirements. 
  • Prepare the yearly Corporate Tax returns for the Christian Valley Park Finance Corporation, [this entity is primarily a dormant subsidiary arm of the District, that was activated for the "Gayle Loop project" Property Tax Revenue Bond.


Additional facts monthly payables:

There are 7 people on the payroll: General Manager, Administrative Assistant, 5 Board Members


Monthly Salary: General Manager/ Secretary and Meter Reader positions are filled by one individual as a part time employee with no benefit plan.


Hourly wage: Administrative Assistant is a part time no greater than 20 hour a month position, with no benefit plan.


Monthly Contract plus charges: District's Water production facility is operated by a subcontractor.


NOTE: The District does all its own billing and collections on a Quarterly schedule.


Additionally please answer the following questions:


1.) Our General Manager/ Secretary's desire is to have the continued convenience of being able to drop off the paperwork at your local office, rather than to have to scan and send them through email or postal mail. Is this something that is amenable to you?


2.) Would your firm have any particular issues with addressing any Board member directly? [There are 5 board directors]


3.) Would your firm have any particular issues or legal concerns with regards to having any employee contact you directly regarding their payroll or their withholding concerns or questions?


4.) Please express how you would best accommodate anyone who has experienced identity theft and is not comfortable with disclosing their full Social Security Number.


If you have any further questions or comments you may email: or the General Manager/Secretary Don Elias:  
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