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DRAFT Documents in Development and ADOPTED FINAL Documents

VOLUNTEERS from Your COMMUNITY ARE Working hard To ensure through a cooperative effort that the community has a higher level of Transparency from the CVPCSD Board

Documents are under development: currently they are being outlined by Board members: Kathleen Daugherty, and Dan Negus and General Manager/ Secretary Don Elias, these policies and procedures will also be reviewed and scrutinized, in committee along with volunteers,{Diane-louise Alessi: Mereline Shepherd and Jo Anne Carmona}

May contain: book, page, text, paper, advertisement, poster, flyer, and brochure

Then the rest of the Board will give their individual proposed changes, to send back to committee for revisions, and then the documents will be reviewed by the district's legal council, for final lawful recommendations and changes, (if any are needed.)

The last phase is when he General manager presents it to the Board to have it Passed and Adopted by Resolution.

The Board is answering to laws and to the desires of the community members, with these important documents.

We hope you will be patient while the CVPCSD Board, Staff and Volunteers are working hard to develop the Districts New Policies and Procedures; which are to accompany the newly amended 2020 Bylaws: which were just passed by the Board on September 17th.2020

examine policies and procedures



Policies and Procedures DRAFTS and ADOPTIONS

February Policies for Adoption (1).pdf_CVPCSD Policy Committee Agenda 1_29_21.pdfJanuary adoption1.pdfFebruary Policies for Adoption.pdfBylaws for CVCPCSD adopted 9-17-2020.pdf2100 Fiscal Policies (1).pdf3134 Recruitment and Hiring (1).pdf3000 Personnel Policies (1).pdf2100 Fiscal Policies.pdfCVPCSD Policy Committee Agenda 11_16_20.pdf3000 Personnel Policies.pdfCVSDP_Communication Committee_101529.pdfOrdinances-Final-Approvedon2-8-2011.pdf
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