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Kenneth Loop Project

The Kenneth Loop brings about many questions:

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The District is considering a pipeline project that would increase the reliability of the water system and provide increased fire protection within the District’s service area.

What is a Loop and why do we need it? A "Loop" is a way of providing alternative pathways for water to flow so that operations crews can reroute flow through alternative pipelines in case of a water leak.  The District operation crews try to minimize the number of homes affected when completing repairs.  Right now, there is only one pipeline that services the western portion of the District including parts of Stanley Drive, Northgate Circle, Virginia Drive, Helen Lane, Kenneth Way, Barbara Lane, Louis Court and other smaller streets and courts. 

The proposed project will also provide additional fire hydrants in the western portion of the District’s service area and increase the amount of water available for fire suppression in the western portion of the District.  This will help firefighters in the event of a wildland fire event and hopefully help us all maintain our homeowner’s insurance and associated rising insurance rates in conjunction with the Firewise program within the District.

A number of alternative alignments were investigated.  The proposed route is along Kimo Way and portions of Kenneth Way.  By extending the pipeline along the proposed alignment additional fire hydrants will be installed in areas that do not currently have fire projection via the treated water system.

The project has been funded through grants to date and is currently in the design phase.  Easement acquisition and environmental/permitting tasks are under way.  Funding for the construction has not been identified at this time.  The schedule for construction has not been determined and will depend on project funding. The District is investigating alternatives for funding, including availability of grants.

This project will benefit existing District residents and is not benefitting future development within or outside of the District boundary. Future development, if any, is expected to pay its own way without affecting our water rates.

A copy of the alignment evaluation completed in June 2023 is included at the link below.

The Report:  


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