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Contractors and Contracts with the District

Operations Contract with Hydros, Inc. - Hydros, Inc's majority Owner, Gerry LaBudde 

Hydros, Inc. is responsible to operate the Water Treatment Plant as well as maintain the distribution system.  Water Treatment for our district, at its core, is using ditch water from the Bowman Canal treating it with chemicals, filtering the water of contaminents, and storing the water in the new water tanks.  Hydros is also responsible for all reports necessary to governmental agencies related to the water quality.  Maintaining the distribution system consists of repairing leaks in the water lines.  The district is responsible to maintain the water lines up to (and including) the meter.  After the meter, towards the customer's residence is the customer's responsibility.  Please note:  Hydros, Inc. does not want to renew the contract with Christian Valley Park, CSD and the district is looking into several different ways to maintain the same level of service to the residents while keeping the costs as low as possible. Below is a link to the contract with Hydros, Inc.

TJ Arbor Contract approved on May 9, 2023Signed MOU between Placer County and CVPCSD 5-9-2023.pdfARB & CVPCSD Services Agreement signed 9-30-2022 _20230112_0001.pdfcvp_2015_agrement - Hydros Operations agreement SIGNED.pdfHydros Fee Schedule 2019-2020_20210213_0001.pdf

Generator Service Contract

Pacific_Quote_CHRISTIANVALLEYPARKCSD_7429_202049175423 (1).pdf

General Legal Services for the District - Margaret Long

Engagement Letter Signed! - 8-17-2020_20200817_0001 (1).pdf


Tank Project Contracts

The "Tank Project," also known as the "Reservoir Replacement Project," is a project to replace the 1.5 million gallon reservoir with two tanks of equal size at 750,000 each.  The total storage remains the same, but the reliability increases dramatically.  The reservoir was built in the early 1960's and a hyperlon cover was installed about 30 years ago..  The "cover" surrounded the water in the reservoir like a bladder.  Over time, the cover had many repairs to it, primarily on the top portion which is exposed to ultra-violet rays from the sun.  It was the Board's goal to keep the water storage to the community as safe as possible and thus the tank project began.  The tank project will probably end up costing around $4.5 million dollars.  The construction project will finish up in August or September of 2021 and then the District will have a 40 year loan with the USDA.  Gerry LaBudde, an engineer by trade, is the manager of the project while several contracts are between the district and the primary contractor, Paso Robles Tank, as well as other subcontractors.

Paso Robles Tank Contract - the main contractor

00520 Agreement Fully Excuted (1).pdf

 Legal Services Agreement for the Tank Project

LSA for Reservoir Replacement Project Work with CVPCSD - 10-11-18 signed final (00113480xE2E14).pdf


Engineering and Project Management

CVP ex contract tank planning design (002) (2).pdfCVP Excuted Contract planning_design phase (2).pdfcvp_amend_may_2020_executed (2).pdf

Geotech Contract

Crawford Contract Signed 7-11-2017 - agreement for Services.pdf

Coating Inspection Contract

agr_wcc_draft (1).pdf

Tree Removal at tank site

Acorn Contract 12-27-2017.pdf

Electrical Contract

CVPx20-001 - CVWTP Construction Services and SCADA Integration Contract 2020-05-29 (1).pdf



Geotechnical Services



Partial Payment Forms Submitted to the USDA

PP1__application_cv_june_2020_signed-mv (1).pdfPP2 Signed Docs - pg 3 5_20200818_0001-signed mv (6).pdfCVP_PP2_FULL_PACKAGE_UNSIGNED (6).pdfPP3_Christian Valley CSD-AUG_2020_signed by CVP-rev_2-mv (2).pdfPP4 CVP RESERVOIR PROJECT UNSIGNED BY DISTRICT - signed by Don Elias-signed by mv (2).pdfCVP_pp5_october_2020_submittal_package_unsigned_cvp_usda - signed by mv (2).pdfcv_pp6_november_2020_package_to_cvp-signed mv (2).pdfPP7_draft_submittal_to_CVP - Signed by Don Elias-mv (3).pdfPP8_jan2021_cvp_submittal_rev_2-signed (1).pdfcvp_PP9_Feb_2021_to_cvp - signed by Don Elias-mv (1).pdfcvp_pp10_to_cvp - rev_2_to_don on 4-22-2021-mv (2).pdfpp11_application_to_CVP_rev_2 - signed de-mv (1).pdfPP12_MAY_2021_SIGNED de-mv (1).pdfPP13_CVP_de sig-mv (1).pdfPP14_SF-271-Christian Valley CSD-JULY_2021_to_cv_rev2-signed mv.pdfcvp_pp15_aug21_to_cvp-signed mv.pdf

 Storm Water Compliance

Verux Contract Signed by DE - 11-3-2021.pdfPP16_SF-271-Christian Valley CSD-SEPT-OCT_2021-Rev2 (1).pdfPP17_cvp_submittal_to_cvp-signed mv.pdfPP18-Christian Valley.pdf
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