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Greg Bala 

Position: Board Member
Term: Expires 2026
Appointing Authority: Director
Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 6857, AUBURN CA 95604

Greg Bala, CVPCSD Board Member

Portrait of Greg Bala, headshot, smiling

As a member of the Christian Valley community for two decades, Greg has taken a keen interest in the operations and improvements of our water and road infrastructure. Greg joined the CVPCSD Board in 2022 and brings this applicable background:

  • Prior Community Board Experience – served for over a decade as a board member of a homeowners’ association in the Bay Area, serving as Treasurer, and helping to oversee a variety of initiatives, including the roof replacement of all units, and in the ongoing stewardship of the community’s shared components. 


  • End-Customer Contractor Management – Along with his wife Jacque, Greg developed the high-level design and managed the rebuilding of their Christian Valley home from the ground up – first working closely with architectural experts, then selecting and managing the general contractor, being closely engaged with the build process and its continual flow of decisions, staying precisely within the boundaries of a stringent, yet nontrivial, budget. 


  • Analytical and Computational Abilities – Greg’s day job, going on four decades now, has been in analytical, scientific, software, and mathematical fields. He currently serves remotely as a Senior Data Scientist and develops computational algorithms for a top tier financial services company based in the East Coast financial hub. 


  • Project Management – In addition to mainline software and analytical work in the technical fields described above, Greg has planned and managed complex technical projects overall, with many internal dependencies, driven by sizeable teams of diverse domain experts. 
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