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Airplane Over Flight addresses for submitting protests

Sample Letter to protest the Airport Overflight: 

 Sample Overflight Letter


Here are some links to Placer County Board and to City of Auburn's Representatives. 

Ideally ALL these entities should get copies of the Objections. 

The heading should have this 'Legally Binding' phrase:

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principles and Notice to Principles is Notice to Agents:


TOPIC: Regarding submission of Formal Objection to the City of Auburn's Airport Overflight proposed property Rezoning and,

Submitting a Demand for a Moratorium for any further expansion of the Airports size or capacities.


Obviously the Board of Supervisors is at the top of the list. 


Further, I encourage that the Objections be sent Certified Mail with a USPS 3811 GREEN CARD signature REQUIRED returned.


District 5


Megan Wood = Clerk of the Board of Supervisors 


Tyghe Richardson= Auburn Airport Management Analyst:


City of Auburn's Senior Planner, Tia Klumpp: 

City Council Chambers 1225 Lincoln Way Auburn, CA 95603


City Clerk:

Physical Address: 1225 Lincoln Way, Room 9, Auburn, CA 95603 | Phone: 530-823-4211, ext. 112. Fax: 530-885-5508


Also links to file a Aircraft Noise Complaint



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